Principal’s Message

Auxilium school Vaduvanchal, is a fast growing school. The prime objective of the school is to nurture and nourish our budding youth in to ideal citizen and benign human beings. We hope our school is a friendly place where people feel welcome and cared for. Education of a child is far too important to be left to a school alone. Parents have a very important part to play too. This website gives information about what you can expect of this school and also shows how you can play a part in the way of partnership , help and support.

We seek not nearly to educate but to inspire. We provide an avalanche of opportunities to our students to excel in academics, leaderships, extra curricular activities, sports, games etc. We strive to bring out the talents latent in our students and arm them with knowledge and skill so that they are better human being and leaders of tomorrow .Developing the spirit of learning and sharing with the less fortunate , promoting faith formation through value-oriented education , enabling every person to become an agent for the promotion of justice , of peace and love, and creating a conscious awareness of a duty to preserve our planet makes our school a life enhancing recourse center.So, we march along and with our loving Shepherd beside us, we shall have no fear.

Sr.Lissy FMA
Correspondent & Principal